12 september 2008

Stitching day 1.
I think I worked on this for about 5 hours... so as you can se, it probably will take a while making this. It feels really good to finaly have started tough since i´ve been planning this project for quite some time now. The most difficult part will be to handel the clotch, it´s so all over the place.

I found this big cardboard roll witch I think will make it a little bit easier.

3 kommentarer:

CultureMountainOwl sa...

Shit, det kommer ju att ta 150 år det där! Men en riktigt cool idé :) Har du någon bild på hela värld 1-1 att tillgå?

☆Cel'Dara☆ sa...

Shit vilket projekt! lycka till!

M sa...

bra ide johan, det kommer! och tack cel´dara!