30 augusti 2008

Since this is the first post I'm making I thought id present myself and the purpose of this blog. I´m a cross stitcher from Sweden and I´m going to cross stitch the entire first track of Super Mario Bros. With the cloth I´m using (finaida 5,5) it´s going to be about 244 x 16 inches ( 620 x 40 cm). In other words huge. I had big troubles finding cloth in the right colour and as much as I need, but finally a store in my town helped me order it from Denmark. I´m expecting it to arrive sometime next week and start the stitching!

Also I want to mention John at http://www.spritestitch.com/ who is kindly providing me with the pattern for this. Check out his site. It´s awesome!

2 kommentarer:

luKrek sa...

Hahha! Vilket jävla projekt!!! Du är fanimej inte frisk nånstans. ^^

LIAH sa...

ramlade in och måste säga att jag blev imponerad. grym idé! kikar nog in igen och kollar hur det går :-)